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My old silver team (before i thought it would be a good idea to yank out my silver cartridge while the game boy was on and erase the game ;_; )

Lv100 Pidgeot
Lv100 Alakazam
Lv100 Rhydon
Lv100 Starmie
Lv100 Arcanine
Lv100 Vileplume

XD I kind of had the classic "Gary Lineup" going with Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon and Arcanine, except I replaced Gyarados and Exeggutor with, in my opinion two superior Pokemon of their type; Starmie and Vileplume.

My new Silver lineup isn't as good ;_;

Lv50 Graveler
Lv50 Ampharos
Lv50 Hypno
Lv51 Pidgeot
Lv52 Feraligatr
Lv50 Arcanine (Traded it from Red)

^ I beat all the kanto Gyms with that team, even Blue XD I don't work very hard to train, but I teach them good moves.

Also, I have a Lv55 Espeon that I don't use as frequently, but is nonetheless a valuable ally for some things.

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