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In the fanfiction I have posted here, I have a lot of shifting viewpoints. I'll elaborate. My entire story is written from a limited 3rd person narrative, so while there is no "I" persay, there is generally a clear indication as to who the main focus(es) of each chapter is/are. Sometimes it's more apparent than others. However, whether or not I'm changing views too much. See, what I'm writing I'm trying to make epic and new in the world of pokemon fanfiction. "Trying" being the key word here. It's possible that this whole thing will be a flop, but I'm confident enough in the story and my writing abilities that I've decided to chance it.

My conundrum is that I think I move the story very quickly, and every other chapter, I jump to a different place in the world and different people doing different things (that just so happen to be connected). I think it's working well, and I understand what's going on without getting confused, but that might be because I've got a rather intimate view on the whole thing and I can see the big picture of this piece (as well as its future) so I know where everything fits into place.

I was just wondering everyone's thoughts on this sort of thing, whether it be concerning my fanfiction Pokemon: God War[/insert shameless self promotion] *cough* please R&R *cough*, or writing in general.

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