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cHAPTER 11; dON'T gO

Dane woke up, like an alarm went off in his head. In less than a minute he was fully dressed. He went in the guest rooms and woke Zara, George, and Kylar.
"Six thirty A.M. is too early to wake," George complained, as usual.

Dane went in his bathroom and started to brush is teeth.

"I wonder if hell try to follow us," Kylar said with a an angry face.

Zara elbowed him in the stomach. "Thats rude, and he was nice enough to let us sleep here."

George mimicked what she said silently.

"I saw that."

Dane walked out of his bathroom. "Lets get going."

As they walked out of his mansion, Dane took one final look at it. He sighed and kept walking. They headed into town and saw a big blue building, with a red and silver PokBall at the top. The Pokmon Center.

As they approached the center, Zara looked at Dane. "Are you ready?"

"You bet!"

They walked in, and gazed around. George pointed to Nurse Joy and they went to talk to her.

"Excuse me, Nurse, I am here to get my starter Pokmon," Dane said, smiling brightly.

"Okay, come back here with me," Nurse Joy said. They all followed. They walked into what looked like a storage room with a lot of PokBalls on shelves. Joy went to a shelve labeled "Starters". "Do you know which Pokmon you are going to pick?"

"Yes, I do," Dane said, pointing. "That one!"

"A Torchic?" Nurse Joy asked.

"A Torchic?" Zara, George, and Kylar asked.

"Yes," Dane said, ready to explain. "I figure if Im going to be catching bug, I need a fire Pokmon to assist me."

George smiled. "Torchic is the best, hands down!" Zara glared at him.

"Well, here you are, you Torchic." Nurse Joy handed Dane his ball.

Dane smiled happily. George smiled with him. Zara smiled looking at George smile. Kylar was playing with his rubber band. It flew out of his hand and it the PokBalls. A couple when from the shelf. "Sorry," he said.

"Ky, thats something George would do!" Zara exclaimed.

"Um, I think well go now, thanks!" George said to Nurse Joy. She bent down and started picking up the balls as they left.

When they got outside, Dane released his new Pokmon.

"Torchic!" Torchic said, looking around.

"Aww!" Dane said, picking it up. "Its the best! Look, it has pink feathers instead of light orange!"

Zara touched Torchics feathers. "They feel beautiful, you are really lucky."


"Well, I guess this is it, goodbye," Zara said, looking at the ground.

"Well miss you," George said, holding out his hand. Dane shook it.

"Well see you soon, Dane," Kylar said.

Dane looked at them all, "I cannot wait to meet up with you all-"

Before Dane could finish, his Torchic got snatched by something that was moving really quickly.

"Torchic!" Dane yelled. He started to run after Torchic and its napper, but he was stopped by someones hand.

"Where are you going, young man?" Imation asked.

"Who are you?!" Dane asked, frightened.

"Thats Imation, hes our stalker," George replied.

Imation growled. George grimaced.

"Let go of him!" Kylar commanded, pushing Imation. Imation shook his head. He let go of Dane and started to strangle Kylar. Dane, George, and Zara started attacking Imation. Dane kicked, George punched, and Zara slapped Imations back.

"AH!" Imation screamed in a high pitched voice. He let go of Kylar and fell to the ground. Kylar got up, and sent out his Poochyena.

"Poochyena, go find a Torchic that belongs to Dane!"

George sent out his Taillow. "Follow Poochyena!"

The two Pokmon went quickly into the forest, searching for te Torchic.

"Im going to go report you to the police," Zara said to Imation.

"Well, you do that. Let me inform you that if I press this button," Imation showed them a contol, with a big red button in the middle, "youre Torchic is toast. You see, I told my Zangoose to attach dynamite to your Pokmon."

Dane wanted to say something, but he couldnt he knew that if he upset Imation, he might never see his Torchic again.

"You cant do that!" Zara yelled.

"Oh, yes I can!" Imation pushed the button, and they heard a bang.

"Torchic!" Dane yelled. Then a big cloud of smoke formed, and Imations Zangoose, dark and ashy, fell to the ground, with Xs for eyes.

"Zangoose? How could this be?" Imation said, crying.

Then, out of the smoke came Poochyena and Taillow, with Torchic, unharmed.

"Oh my gosh, do you think?" George said looking at Zara. Zara shrugged.

"Torchic, Im so glad youre okay!" Dane said, hugging Torchic.

"You guys did great!" Kylar and Dane said to their Pokmon.

Sirens blared. Officer Jenny pulled up in her motorcycle. She stepped off, and walked up to Imation.

"You look familiar," Jenny said to Imation. "I have a feeling you have something to do with this..."


"Yeah, he did," Everyone said.

After they explained to Jenny what happened, and Imation was arrested, Dane walked Zara, George, and Kylar to a trainer hotel.

"Thanks so much, Ill miss you!" Dane said, waving.

"Bye!" They replied, waving back.
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