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Well, can I assume that everyone's at least played

HMNES? I mean. It was like, the original. x_x;;

And, have you played Friends of Mineral Town? :O The NPC's in Mineral Town and 64 are essentially the same, just with different occupations.

Florist problem : Solved.

Name: Anna Kalinder
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bartender's Daughter/Waitress

Appearance: The first thing to notice about Anna is her vibrant eyes that appear to be a vivid shade of lavender. Though they look slightly sleepy and droopy, they give Anna a very kind aura, her smile gentle and warmed by these eyes. Her hair is an ashen black color, a dark gray if you will. It is kept long, a few inches past the small of her back, while her bangs are cut across her eyebrows, a white headband normally found sitting on her hair. Anna is almost always clad in a white sundress, with a square collar and thick straps. The skirt ends just past her knees, and has a very delicate lace-like design around the bottom hem. She wears a pale lavender waist apron when she's working, and also wears a pair of plain white sandal clogs. Though she's 19 years old, Anna is very easily mistaken as a 16 year old, due to her slightly petite build. Two silver bangles clank against each other on her wrist whenever she moves her arm. When it gets cold, however, Anna opts to don a pair of black tights, and a pale lavender long sleeved dress with wide sleeves. Thick white lines wrap around the hem of the skirt, sleeves, and around the collar, while a long black skinny scarf is wrapped around her neck. She's almost always wearing large white hoop earrings, and has a very wide range of perfumes made from flowers and fruits.

Though she helps out at the pub and is the bartender's daughter, she has a habit of being extremely wary of dirty things, alcohol included. Though she does wear a waist apron, she becomes extremely frightened if it is dirtied, and only accepts that her white bib and waist apron be allowed to be stained or such. She always has a pair of black gloves on her person, these gloves to protect her hands just in case she has to work on something not quite as clean as she'd like it. Anna's hands look as if they haven't seen a day's worth of work, her nails perfect with a layer of clear nailpolish on top to strengthen them, and soft skin that is clear of any sort of blemish.

Personality: Though Anna appears to be quite the fragile person, this is the only thing holding her back. Her body isn't quite made for adventure, but her mind would give anything to experience the breeze at the top of a tree, or the feeling of cool water all over your body as you swim. But Anna has a sensible mind, and she knows point blank that her health would never allow her to do these things. She has a tendency to worry about things to the point where she becomes hysterical, with nobody being able to calm her down at all. And though she is almost never caught without a smile on her face, Anna can be extremely hard to please. She is extremely picky in what she eats- Refusing to eat meat, like her friend, and with a tongue that dislikes sweets, it's a challenge to cook for Anna at all. She gives off the attitude that she's a pushover and is kind and giving, because this is all that her body, which is fragile and weak, can permit her to do. Frustrated, she often refuses medicine, and stays at Lynn's house to avoid it. Though she dislikes it, Anna is often reading, as it's the only way she can find to experience adventures, even basic ones like straying out of town. Anna honestly resents most everything in her life, though prefers to make it out that she loves everything about it, and would never give it up for a different one. She is a master at weaving lies to give others moral support and other similar things.

Anna is quite frightening when she loses her temper, however rare it is. During these instances, she ends up throwing a temper tantrum, no matter how small the matter is, and like when she becomes worried, is impossible to calm down. Screaming, crying, and violent quaking are almost always apart of these tantrums, as it's usually the moment in which all the frustration at her life that has been bottled up is released, all at once. Anna is actually quite childish, and rather annoyingly innocent.


Relationships: Lynn - - Best Friend
Leon - - Friend


Performer (Asch)
Performer (Asch)
Performer (Rena)
Performer (Stardust-Kumo)
Performer (Pipluper)
Chef (Phanima)
Bartender (Mizz)
Shipper (Mizz)
Livestock Dealer (Mizz)
Author (Saber)
Inn Keeper (Chibi)
Florist (Alter Ego)

Did I miss anyone? :<