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Thanks everyone and its great to hear that a lot of people are starting to play it now. Those bugs everyone's mentioned, they will be fixed in the next BETA, as stated by Dirk123. But for now, they will be put on the Bugs list.

As for Sinnoh's future(in Pokemon Legends), as asked by many people, I doubt that any more of Sinnoh will be making an appearance. Since it will be hard to make it flow nicely in the story. And another reason why Sinnoh isn't in, and its a very BIG reason, because Sinnoh wasn't even developed yet, it was just discovered(in Pokemon Legends). And the part of Sinnoh you do get to travel to is in fact, Spear Pilar, in it's earlier ages.

BTW Pokemon Legends takes place after R/S/E and right before D/P, perhaps a prequel to D/P and an idea of how Sinnoh was made.

Thanks, Scompi.