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Quote originally posted by Grovyle42(Griff4815):
Oh, I did do that. I'm only really doing the whole 'conquer the gym' thing in the first part because I needed to get my character up and moving. Plus it added to action and character developement. I'm definately going to edit and add more substance to part one than just that. And I already wrote the "conquer the gyms" thing so it's too late to delete it without scrubbing the rest of my story.

I have a question: How long should one wait in between posting chapters?

A week is usually the minimum. And those that do it (I included) usually have shorter chapters with more errors. Of course, that's with the 'post as you write' mentality. If you have it all written and partially revised / do that before you post, a week would be good, but not fewer. Even time periods and consistent days for posting chapters are musts.

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