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I have decided to change my target again, as I could only hunt old-skool if I have a lot of spare time or if I'm high on caffeine at night. I'm going to chain for Slowpoke again, because Slowbro is an awesome tank and I am considering trying to make a shiny team again.

EDIT: Well this has to officially be a new speed record for me. In just under 2 hours of making the above declaration I have captured 2 shiny Slowpokes. I'd have got more but guess what a Buizel did. There is one Male and one Female. I'm going to train the Male because it has better IVs in the important stats, despite having the worst ability. But at least they're both Bold. Synchronise is finally working for me. Yay! Ayway I still can't take pics but I will deliver them all at once ASAP.
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