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Hey zel i want to play the game but i dont want to have to get a new file for the next release 3rd problem is that i dont want to miss any important scripts or really cool changes so how far can i play whilst still eluding the phantom restart (grammatical disaster lol )

Originally Posted by Barker View Post
Awesome, glad to have another thread for this. I'm not too far, only at Goldenrod, but I love it.

On another note.. Zel, I've been working on this for a while, I'm not too sure what you'll think about it. If you'd rather me not work on it, because of the secrets it "ruins", I'll abandon it. It only goes up to where I'm at right now (Goldenrod, again), and it's still "Version one", so it's not perfect, but..

Awesome guide! but i have to point out that rock is super effective against flying (not that important other than that... awesome guide!
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