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Hmmm... I've been noticing quite a few complains lately... Not good...

Quote originally posted by LiquidR:
Why don't make some of the battle's like a trainer battle. Because if you're fighting a trainer, the option run is still there, even tough you're not able to run.
Don't worry, sometime I will figure out what to add so that those wildbattles cannot be run from.

Quote originally posted by JoyRide:
What annoys be about the game is that the apricorns dont have to right sprites.

And Zel, I dontk now if you are changing them or not but if you dont know how you can just us unzl-gameboy

And you can change pokeball sprites so you can make new ones
It's just that I'm not in the mood to change key items graphics. And, why should I change the Pokeballs graphics, if no new Pokeballs with the GS effects can be made?

Quote originally posted by martauros:
Zel, did you fix the grass in ilex and make magnet train move in b5?
No and No XD
(By the way, the Train thing I will not change till I get tired of how it looks right now. No more discussion about it)

Quote originally posted by drawde:
X Mode is a pain in the ass, I killed Carlos's slowpoke, only to lose later to my rivals level 8 Chikorita.
Cool. That's the idea, if it is too hard for you, you should play the "easier version"

The good news are that my Uni won't start till next week, which means that I have a whole free week for me and the hack! Yay! (Too bad sooner or later this will be payed... )

So, I'm running a check by playing the game again till I once again reach Route12 to keep on working where I was (by the way, I don't know what happens with the Red Gyarados event, I caught it like 10 times and I don't have that shiny glitch that was mentioned in the old thread... I'll try to do something to "guess" if I can fix it, but most likely, it could be a rom problem and you still would get that glitch. I don't know.

Alrighty, back to hack!