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Quote originally posted by pokeguy12:
oh yeah zel , if i try to use vs seeker after the battle , it just says the text it would say after you defeat the trainer....

glitch or what?:\
Don't pay too much attention to the Vs.Seeker, it will be replaced soon by a Phone System (I'll talk about this as soon as I finish implementing them, but I mentioned a bit in my list of features, has anyone checked it out? )

Quote originally posted by Zach805:
Nice to here your running at full speed Zel! Hey when are we going to get some new screens?
As soon as I reach my First Goal, as it has always has been (which doesn't mean I'll never post a screenshot, it just means that most will come after the First Goal)

Quote originally posted by garfieldlover94:
What do you have to do to get it though? I talked to everybody there and nothing happened
Instead of asking for spoilers, why don't you have a look at the walkthroughs in the Tourist Section? (I think dirk mentioned something about it)

Quote originally posted by BlazikenMaster2000:
I also have a question zel: Can you battle Ash?
You can battle Red, from Gold (the game), and later you will face Ashlee, a semi-Ash character (just semi, because she is evil XD)

Quote originally posted by Zowayix:
In the old thread, someone said that to activate the shiny glitch, you have to LOSE to the shiny gyarados.
After you wake up at the pokecenter, every pkmn you encounter including trainer's pkmn will be shiny.
Yes, I have been examining the Gyarados' script, and I rewrote it in a different way, because I think the last warp had something to do with the glitch (and the losing thing has also been taken care of)

Quote originally posted by scythemaster:
oh b/c when you talk to it, you get a pikachu. EVERY TIME YOU TALK TO IT!
Yep, I just forgot to assign its sprite the flag I used (Now there's only one Pikachu there )

Quote originally posted by garfieldlover94:
It5 has diamond graphics. It's B4, but no Pikachu
It is not exactly visible, but it is behind your house, search carefully, it should be there