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Originally Posted by ZoFreX View Post
Nice hack zel, got a question, you going to add any new gyms to the hack?
I think 16 Gyms is more than enough. Don't you think? O.o
But, in the extra locations there could be something-not-exactly-a-gym-but-maybe-similar-thing...

Originally Posted by pokemon1.0 View Post
ive noticed that if your in kanto and fly to route 4 u end up in blackthorn, if you fly to pallete you end up in new bark, if you fly to the pkmn center near the power plant you end up in mahogany...

will this be fixed in B5?
The flying thing is something not in my list of priorities (and, by the way, it's a problem with all the hacks, we just need to get together and find a way to work with the flying posts), till that happens, there'll be no changes on the map.

Originally Posted by ChrisG14 View Post
Zel, you didn't update dirk's walkthrough yet. The update is one of the attachments and it answers some of the questions that people keep asking.
OK, finally done ;P
By the way, For all your gaming questions check the walkthroughs in the First Post!

Originally Posted by martauros View Post
Zel, In Gold HM 6 is whirpool, and TM 6 is rock smash. In your version HM 6 is Rock smash and Clamperl has the Whorpool. What is TM 6:\
And in right Saffron gate you can go ON the first two places of a blue fence.
What is TM6? Toxic, as it has been in Gold, FR, RSE... I don't currently remember which TM was R.Smash in Gold (not that it really matters), but definitely not TM6.

Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
You get aerial ace from falkner after defeating him and if you already got rid of it you can warp to Pewter city or use the Kanto glitch to get another one, Just talk to brock
garfieldlover94, please, leave the answers for me. This is the second time you give a wrong answer, and you keep confusing people...

Answering to pokeguy12, you cannot get Aerial Ace yet, so unless there's a way to get a poke with that move (maybe Taillow/Swellow?, don't know), and then start to breed you will not have that move, sorry.

Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
Find it your bloody self you newbie >>
I had it but don't remember where.
I think in Kanto >>

And this topic is't for random questions like that >>
Well, you had a semi-warning from FG, but either leave the answering for me (since I seem to be a more calm guy than many other people around this thread), or just try to remain calm when answering. (Besides, what did I say on Rule No.2?)
By the way, the thread is still small, and I'll keep bothering the mods to run constant checkouts on the thread, don't worry, I'll do all in my power to keep this thread alive

It's not like they are asking for off-topic stuff, anyway.

Still, people with gameplay questions must read the walktrhoughs and the FAQs (and the full list of FAQs also helps, as it has a few additional gameplay questions answered as well). So, go to the first post, and go to the Tourist Section, DO IT NOW!

Really, I'll repeat it to everyone: keep the things calm. You never know when I could have a bad day and do something you won't like...

Originally Posted by rridgway View Post
I know this has probably been said before (didnt bother to check all threads and pages for it), but couldnt you change the tm list so you get the same tms as in the original?
The whole original list won't be in ('cause I mixed the Gold and FR's TM list), I ended up with something cooler than Gold's TM list, in my opinion.

Originally Posted by JoyRide View Post
I just found a MAJOR Glitch.

After not playing shiny gold I reloaded one of my old save files and started playing. And geuss what happened?

It was all well glitched up. I couldnt leave the 2nd gym and I couldnt talk to carlos and when I went into a battle the game well froze with a red screen. Video comming soon :'(
Originally Posted by JoyRide View Post
It fixed it self so its not a problem but when it crashed I ended up back in oaks lab O.O

And yes....oaks not elms
I don't know what happened (looks as if you patched over patching, or used an older save on a newer release), but probably it was just a rom problem. As I said sometime ago, I usually just save within the game's save menu at the Pokemon League (because it automatically saves, anyway ), but then I just use Savestates, maybe that gives me less problems than other people. I don't know.

Alright. Finished with a Second run of the game and fixed a hell lot of problems, and perfected a few scripts. I also have finished the Route12, and so I'll be going to Route11 and the Digglett's cave (you won't be able to freely explore Route2, don't forget that!)

By the way, I think I'll show one of the surprises I'm gonna be implementing for the next Beta...

Do you wanna guess?... No... Not... That's not it... Not at all... Wrong!

What is it? It's the Trick House!

Yes, the Trick House from RSE was one of my favorite locations in RSE, because of the puzzles they used. So now, it is time for me to give you a whole set of new puzzles considering we are now in Johto, and stuff changed. So, just like the trick house in RSE, the puzzles will be varying as you defeat Johto (and Kanto :D) Gyms!

Oh, by the way, that thing right next to the building is one of the many Phone Booths you'll see across the game (I said I was gonna talk about those things later, more specifically once I start to implement their script, so I can show you how they work)

Peace! (And this time... I really meant it )

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