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Quote originally posted by XxOblivion77:
Oh, in someone's thread, they said they were able to include night and day, but I'm almost certain you can't mimic this because:

1. He/She was using emerald, a game with time
2. Your using Fire Red, a game with... no time

Oh well, it's not needed so it doesn't really matter.
Yes, I know you refer to Tutti's hack, don't worry I know them (and Mastermind_X did a good job on the night/day system for Emerald)

By the way, although I won't be implementing that thing now (mainly because I have other priorities, and mainly 'cause I want Tutti to enjoy the system for some time), it could be possible (according to Mastermind_X) to do a similar system in FR, although, OBVIOUSLY, won't use real time, but would use the gameplay's time in order to do the night/day. It would be something, at least (But as I said before, I'm not gonna be doing something about it, 'cause I think finishing the game comes first, then we can discuss extra features all you want)

Quote originally posted by Kronos1000:
Hey Zel, I'd like to report something. There are people in the game that give Items, but when your Bag is full they just don't give you anything, this includes: The three Dragon Masters, the PP Max guy, Bills Grandfather and their may be others, but not that I know of. S oif your Bag is full they say and do as they give you the stuff, but if you make a free spot in your bag afterwarths they act like they've allready given it.
I blame myself for never using the jump BAGISFULL... I guess it's a fault in my scripting "learnage", but, since I'm already doing everything that way, I guess there's no way to change how I'm doing things now. So, make sure to always have a free spot in your BAG. There are a lot of giveitems commands and it's gonna be hard for me having to fix each one of them

Quote originally posted by martauros:
Great idea Zel ,I wonder how it'll look inside. Great hack Zel, keep going!!!
Yeah, I also wonder how it'll look O.o ('cause I just mapped the exterior, I'll leave the interiors for after I finished with Fuchsia, and don't forget... I also have to think on cool puzzles using the HMs )

That's all, I'm gonna start today's hacking so I'll come back later with more news!

I'll repeat, so people don't forget it: "Keep a good eye on the First Post, it has a lot of information! (And it can solve many questions you could have, being gameplay or not) Read it, read it, read it"