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Originally Posted by zel View Post
The Champion Lance, doesn't have the Trainer Class Champion because if I used the existing "Champion" trainer class, he'd automatically gets called as our rival. So, I had to give him another trainer class, and the only one that I could use (that mantain a cool BGM) is the Elite Four trainer class, so that's why I decided to change all the Elite 4 + Champion into "Elitetrainers"
I think I know how to solve that. And I'm surprised that you dind't use that method. Just find some spare Trainer Class (FR/LG has many of them) and change its name to "CHAMPION". Then, use this class for Lance. Simple, isn't it?

EDIT: Nevermind. I forgot about the BGM.
After 12 years of being a Pokemon fan, I'm officially quitting. This is not a rage quit and it has nothing to do with the Pokemon franchise. It's also NOT a sudden decision - I've planned it for months but I decided to stay a true, active Pokemon fan until the very last day. The reason for my leave is the fact that I'm starting my studies at the Uni and I decided that it's a perfect moment to move on with my life. I'll never forget all these awesome years and Pokemon will always be a part of my childhood memories. Goodbye friends! Thank you.
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