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This thread is for archival purposes only.

As it has become apparent that most of the resources in the old thread do not work anymore, I have compiled a list of a few resources that you can use for your game.
I'll be adding new resources as I get the time to do so.

Old thread

If you have any resources you want to be added to the list, feel free to post them.

Please do not request resources in this thread, use Help and Request.



Bike Shop
Cerulean City - RM2K3kid
Celadon City
Celadon City Gym
Fuchsia City - RM2K3kid
Gym Tiles
Interior 3
Mt. Moon - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar
Pewter City - RM2K3kid
Rock Tunnel - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar
Safari Zone
Sevi Islands
Vermillion City - RM2K3kid, modified by Avatar


Custom charsets - Avatar



A handy tutorial and tool for creating chipsets for RMXP can be found HERE- written by Flood.
Johto Set - Fangking Omega, Mateo, Kyledove, Remy and Cuddles
Pokémon Center & Mart - ~Azura
Autotile - Water - rm2k3kid
Autotile - Deep Water - rm2k3kid
Zelda Overworld - Crazy Weavile


Custom charsets - Avatar
Complete FR/LG set - Fangking Omega
D/P Male - rm2k3kid
D/P Male Poses - rm2k3kid
D/P Female - rm2k3kid
D/P Female Poses - rm2k3kid
Link - Crazy Weavile


Fonts - Tyler



Pokemon FR/LG Midis


All Pokemon - Dawson/PPN
Trainers- Dawson/PPN

Male Frame 1 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 2 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 3 - rm2k3kid
Male Frame 4 - rm2k3kid

Female Frame 1 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 2 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 3 - rm2k3kid
Female Frame 4 - rm2k3kid

Starter Kits

RMXP Starter Kit - Blizzy (Uploaded by The Dash)
Enhanced Starter Kit - French (Uploaded by The Dash)