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Lawl, I went and forgot about my unfinished profiles. >.< So sorry. Oh, and I plead temporary blindness for not having noticed the thread. *Shot* Anyways, here's the alluded-to sister in Cecil's profile. :3

Name: Claire Aegisfield
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Carpenter/Woodcutter
Appearance: Somewhat more strongly built than her brother, several years of handling axes and the other tools of her trade, while not having given her much in the way of feminine appearance, have left Claire with quite a bit of muscle-tone, which she is certainly no stranger to making use of should the situation arise. Having spent a lot of time outdoors and in physical demanding work, she is very physically fit with a distinctly darker skin pigment than Cecil. Claire's hair is bushy and dark brown in color, usually kept in check by a simple piece of cloth unceremoniously tied across her forehead. Her eyes are dark blue.

On the clothing front, Claire is plain to say the least, usually wearing a shirt with a black and red checker pattern and a pair of denim colored jeans with a thick tool belt to go with them. Her feet are occupied by a pair of sturdy logger boots, rain or shine, and although She seems largely unbothered by weather, Claire has been known to put on a sweater should temperatures really drop.

Personality: Somewhat temperamental by nature, when things are going well, Claire is as bright and cheerful as can be, always ready to chat up with others or join up in whatever seems to be the most fun around, often skipping out on tasks she deems unimportant, but goodness forbid that something should go wrong. Nearly always at the center of festivals, Claire is fiercely competitive and quick to resolve any argument by a 'friendly little competition', usually meaning a contest or dare of some kind, and takes great pride in every victory she achieves - particularly in stereotypically 'male' competitions. She also has a nasty tendency to rub her victories into other peoples' faces, much to the annoyance of some, and her sometimes overblown taste for alcohol tends to loosen her tongue a bit beyond most people's comfort. On the positive side: once she has won a competition, she considers the affront - no matter how severe - completely forgiven and forgotten. Should she lose or be otherwise humiliated, however, the guilty party will soon discover that the old proverb about 'a woman scorned' certainly holds true in Claire's case, and strong as she is, it is best to keep a fair bit of distance from her during those occasions...and preferably lock away her toolbox as well.

Although generally a procrastinator of the highest order, Claire never slacks about her job, though, and since she's the only proper carpenter left in town most people have learned to live with her - or at least pretend to. When she promises to get her work done, she'll strive to live up to that promise no matter what. The job is, it seems, not only Claire's livelihood but also her main form of aggression release. When something bothers her, she wants to let it out immediately, and often does so against the poor, unsuspecting nails she hammers or trees she chops. Although this habit in itself seems harmless, it is best to keep small children out of earshot, as many of the expressions she applies are certainly not of the kind you'd expect a proper young lady to know.

Ever the dominant personality, Claire has a tendency for acting bossy. Despite technically being the younger sibling, there is no question about her dominance in the Aegisfield household, and whenever any form of organized effort is put together, she's usually the first to demand the leader's position (And loudly shout down anyone who dares to protest). She won't stand other pushing people around in her presence, however, and has been known to stick up for the underdog in such situations, for better or for worse. Also, for all her faults, she's never one to weigh down another. "Claire Aegisfield carries her own weight." as she is fond of saying, "and..." she tends to add with just a hint of pride, "That's not just in a metaphorical sense either.". Overall, she's not a bad person to be acquainted with, provided that one has the sense not to poke at her ego too much...and possibly to throw a contest once in a while too.

History: Born much into the same circumstances as Cecil, Claire differentiated herself quite clearly from her brother even at young age. Already adamant about what was or wasn't her fault, Claire took no blame on herself for her parents' eventual divorce, simply pressing on with her life. She had long been observing her father at work, and when the man started becoming increasingly negligent of his own work, Claire soon took up testing what she had learned in practice. Much to the dismay of her father and his injured pride, the girl turned out to be very good at what she did, and as time passed it became generally accepted that she was the new town carpenter, although very few had the heart to mention this in Aegisfield senior's presence. This led to arguments at home, of course, but Claire dismissed the arguments by stating, quite matter-of-factly, that someone had to get things done. Eventually, nature went its course and took her father to his grave, and quite frankly the girl wasn't sad to see him go. In the absence of a proper will, the carpenter shop was passed on to the siblings and Claire claimed it without any argument, although due to a lack of funds half the shop has now been remodeled to accommodate Cecil's florist shop. An odd combination, perhaps, but they make it work.

Relationships: Cecil - Older brother

Aaanyways, I'll just wait to see if everything is a-okay with my little duo before making my entry post, m'kay? Saves a lot of hassle. :3 Oh, and if anyone thinks their character should have a reason to get along with/not get along with my characters now would be a good time to set up inter-personal relationships. ^-^
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