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Originally Posted by john55 View Post
I belive it was when you get the phone call from silver before entering goldenrod city, the lil event acts as if hes talking to you and you move out of the way for him even though hes not physically there. Just wondering if you'll ever do something about that, well ty for your time.
Yes, in my "Bug Killing Madness" I finally got rid of that useless event, so now you enter Goldenrod and the rival won't call you, push you and that kind of stuff (That event didn't really made sense, after all)

Originally Posted by Shiun Enshidia View Post
I don't suppose regular scripting can do any of these things?
.Unnon Pokedex
.Printing Options
.Decorating (if possible you could use a prize from the Trick house with this)
If those could be includued, They would be cool, I didn't include the opening and the sliding panels because I know those aren't possible (or very time consuming)
Sorry if this was mentioned on the first post, I didn't see it (at least I don't think I did)
As you say, those things, if aren't on FR's features are practically impossible to do (besides, printing on GBA, is that possible at all? X_O)
I wouldn't discard the decorating thing that easily, you can always use some flags for sprites, but, you wouldn't really select where to put stuff. Not like it's impossible, it would just be different

Originally Posted by pokeguy12 View Post
btw i saw this weird blue block in the cherrygrove pc
Another thing I have killed in my "Bug Killing Madness", no need to mention that thing anymore.

Originally Posted by pokeguy12 View Post
also how long does it take to for the ss aqua to stop? ive been waiting a long time and battled all trainers.....
Well, most people were able to do the trip (it perhaps is something related to a weird thing hapenning to your current game's flag. Who knows? I never found this problem, and I have done all I could to fix it in the last bugfix. The only thing left is a change of flag, but then, if it didn't happen to me, and a lot of people as well, why should I change it?)

Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
For the dissapearing Pokeball, you can pass it off as the Pokemon that was stolen by silver.
Oh, forget about the disappearing pokeball, another thing killed in my "BKM", yay! I was on a roll!

Originally Posted by bendamasta View Post
I found a text message glitch, not that it matters im just bringing it up.. myabe its normal cause the guy said he drank his own Pokemon's HP UP

I'll post it when i can -.- need 12 more posts -.-
It doesn't really matter if you can't post the screenshot, just tell me the location of the person with the message problem.

Originally Posted by trevor813 View Post
hey zel i got a great idea whenever u near the end of ur hack after u done with mt silver and with red and all
if u have enough space in the hack for the player against u and to see who is the better trainer just a thought
the players pkmn party vs ur own particular pkmn party .now that would be a good match to me but meh I could be wrong...
Well, Carlos (who in fact has my party... well, right now he's a bit outdated because I have assembled a better party to play SG, I think :D) will not give up after the events on the 2nd wave of the Pokemon League and Mt.Silver, so expect to find him during your travels to those extra locations. I cannot reveal too much, you know ;P

Originally Posted by ~Kazaam~ View Post
So zel, since Kike did some of your tiles, did he just do it because you and him are pals, or do you think he would do it for anyone?
Well, it's true that Kike and I are friends, but he still hasn't made any tiles for me (yet, and that's only because I'm taking advantange of the free time I'm having from my Uni's break, so I'm always scripting) But, I don't know, he's friendly, PM him

Originally Posted by ChiefsFan View Post
Hey Zel I have two small questions....
1) What mapping tool do you use? Advance or Elite? (I prefer Advance)
2) Why did you choose to remake Gold and not Silver/Crystal? (Gold's was the only 2nd Gen game I got, yet Crystal would seem more... appropriate? It is a stand alone game after all.)
Thanks Zel! Keep upthe great work!
Yes, Advance Map is prefered too (because EMap seems to get a bit wacky when you repoint the maps too much, as I do)
And I choose Gold, because, I think most of us are more attached to Gold than Crystal (maybe because most have played Gold, and when Crystal came out, then it wasn't that original then, didn't offer that many new features unlike Emerald from RS) Obviously, that's only my opinion, and chaining to this opinion would be considered off-topic, I just answered your question :D

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
Zel I have a request......
please do not revampt the route 2 soundtrack......
besides its nice the way it is
and its one of my favorite soundtrack in Pokemon G/S/C
Hmmm...? *confused*
The idea is revamping all of Gold's soundtracks, and Route2's one of my favorites from Gold (and... in fact, is one of the tracks we already have )

Originally Posted by Mastermind_X View Post
I finally found the worldmap stuff including sprites, tiles, tilebase and of course the route-data, the catching areas of pokemon and the most important: the flight points!

I'll post a tutorial how to change everything on my homepage after my 2 weeks vacation.
I heard the news from Hackmew (sorry for not being online to receive PMs), but well, hope you have a nice rest so you can think everything carefully for the tutorial.
Man, all I can say to you is that... you are a real lifesaver! XD

That's all I found to reply to. I'll get my PM-ing ON again, but try to learn to do stuff yourselves, you cannot always depend on me to answer (because you know me, I'll answer, but then, that'll take my time from SG, the question is: "what would you prefer?")

OK, I just finished the mapping of the three routes, but now I have to put the events and script them. Piece of cake, except for the fact there are a lot of events ToT

Oh well, a rom hacker's life... See ya tomorrow!

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