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I have two questions, is the unknown dex gonna be in it(unlikely)
and is the unknown music gonna be in it(also unlikely)

If those have already been answered then sorry.
I don't suppose regular scripting can do any of these things?
.Unnon Pokedex
.Printing Options
.Decorating (if possible you could use a prize from the Trick house with this)
If those could be includued, They would be cool, I didn't include the opening and the sliding panels because I know those aren't possible (or very time consuming)
Sorry if this was mentioned on the first post, I didn't see it (at least I don't think I did)
As you say, those things, if aren't on FR's features are practically impossible to do (besides, printing on GBA, is that possible at all? X_O)
I wouldn't discard the decorating thing that easily, you can always use some flags for sprites, but, you wouldn't really select where to put stuff. Not like it's impossible, it would just be different
Judging on the quote earlier on the same page... it's a no...
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