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Okay, basically this is the first hack that I have posted on a forum. I'm the guy who has helped a lot of people with all of their scripting problems in the script discussion thread. I'd say that at the time of this Post I'm still think that I'm a beginner to hacking. I've only been hacking for a little bit over a month. I tried to start a hack about 3 weeks ago but I gave up too quickly because the ROM crashed. Well anyway I hope you like this hack.

Your jourey begins in Blackthorn city, on the same day as the battle between Ash and Claire, and the day before you are to recieve your first Pokemon. The following day you and [Rival] rush to the Dragons Den and meet Claire, Lance and the Elderly Dragon Lady. Soon after recieving your first Pokemon, they tell you of the Mystic Green Dragon that has been spotted in Hoenn lately. With Prof Elm, you travel to Sootopolis, and your search for the Mystic Green Dragon begins.

All 386 pokemon Catchable.
Thousands of new scripts.
Evolution changes
Changed Movesets
Gyms of all Regions.
All three Evil Teams.
Some D/P sprites.
A Pokemon League and not just an Elite 4.
Well here is a list of DP pokemon I plan on adding.
Here's the list at the moment of what I'm planning on adding:
    • 470 - Leafeon
    • 471 - Glaceon
    • 443 - Gible
    • 444 - Gabite
    • 445 - Garchomp
    • 424 - Ambipom
    • 407 - Roserade
    • 407 - Mismagius
    • 429 - Honchkrow
    • 430 - Munchlax
    • 449 - Weavile
    • 462 - Magnezone
    • 468 - Togekiss
    • 476 - Probopass
    • 465 - Tangworth
    • 469 - Yanmega
    • 469 - Lickilicky
    • 464 - Rhyperior
    • 472 - Gliscor
    • 473 - Mamoswine
    • 474 - Porygon Z
    • 475 - Gallade(Maybe)
    • 476 - Dusknoir
    • 477 - Frosglass(Maybe)
    • 478 - Magmortar
    • 466 - Electivire

Me - Everything
CheifsFan -Advertising
sebbe17 - spriting, Mapping
Earth'sVisitor - Mapping
Dooke - Scripting

Strikeout - Done
Bold - Currently

Just Restarted....
Renaming all Pokemon/Items/Attacks to proper Grammer.
Plan a new beginning.
Insert Old maps from Old rom.
Script the new beginning.
Change Evolution Data.
Change some movesets.

Change tiles/palettes.
Pre-beta Test.
Re-release pre-beta.

Fix Bugs

Keep Working towards the beta[/LEFT]

Legend of Dragons Alpha Sendspace
Mirror Attachment
Mirror 2 Rapidshare

Grass Animation Fix
Foxed Grass Animation
And Rock Climb
Rock Climb

I think that I've got more than enough, but If you want to make one, I won't stop you and if you post it I'll put it here.
>>> Made by Barker
PHP Code:
>>> Made by Barker
PHP Code:
>>> Made by ~Kazaam~
PHP Code:
>>> Made by ShineyMew
PHP Code:
>>> Made by sebbe17
PHP Code:
>>> Made by ♠ex
PHP Code:
>>> Made by ♠ex
PHP Code:
>>> Made by Gangabob
PHP Code:

Don't Rename your Pokemon

Foullump. I know his not on PC much, To got help with scripting problems
ChiefsFan for general help, Claire OW
Zel Help with problem, and for letting me use his S/G gym.
EarthsVisitor Help with problem.
♠εx for the outdoor palette
Dabomstew, scripting tips.
H+D, I think.
Esmas, Marley Trainersprite.
Blazichu, for general help.
Metroid P for a Dratini Sprite.
WAH and Xiros
Wah and Peyi
Gxcom and Suarav
Kike-Scott for some help with hex
And this hack's team.
All the people who made banners.
To the 93 other people who voted for the name change.

If I forgot anyone please PM me.

Any criticism is welcome.
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