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Wow I'm surprised this got up so quickly.
Quote originally posted by ~Kazaam~:
So, do we still have a team or what , well it still looks nice anyways.
[spam]Yeah, there I'm still in the team, I'm apart of two other teams aswell plus another hack so of course I'm still in yours.[/spam]

Quote originally posted by ChiefsFan:
I could do some mapping for you if you want I'm reasonably good at it and are quite imaginative but still able to follow orders. BTW are you planning on changing the name at all?
I'm not really looking for a mapper at the moment, maybe further down the track, I'm more looking for someone who I can ask to help once ina while with mapping, I'll look for a full mapper once I release a Beta 1. And Yeah, I'll change the name if someone thinks of something better.