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Quote originally posted by BlackDragonite:
The fakes look amazing!!!
But some of them look like already existing Pokémon or other things.
-Nr. 125 looks like a Monster from Duel Masters (I think it was Frey)
-Nr.36 is a Eevee style Pokémon (I would say this is supposed to be so)
-Nr. 13 reminds me on Ho-oh
-Nr.140 reminds me on smth, but I don´t know what it is...
And what the heck is nr 18?

But they still look awesome
Um, it's an egg...sorta.
...and yeah, number 152 is based on Kyubi from Naruto " Yay for four paws!
Quote originally posted by jj_olli:
I just found out sth Kyle and Stan will tell ya

Stan: Oh, no! Concorde has killed Pikachu!!!
Kyle: You B******!!!

So for Kyle and Stan could you please revive Pikachu in yor Hack?
I don't mix fakemon with existing monsters, it just looks weird for me. But no matter in the hack or not, Pikachu is nonstop cute
Quote originally posted by BlazikenMaster2000:
So when do you expect the game to be out for people to play?
I don't know yet. The worst thing, school starts soon D:
Quote originally posted by Madina Lake:

I made that banner. Hope you like it 8D
I will make a couple more from the screen shots involving Lugia.
But I couldn't find any space to type, "supporter" into the banner.
Nice one, I like it. And with my favourite monster (that's why it's in the intro xD)
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