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Ok, in the order.

Thank you for all the banners. They are all nice. You don't have to make them, but if you want... Just not here. PM please.

Now, questions and answers.

Quote originally posted by Bill_taco:
Dude, i love your pokemon you made up. And are there 4 stages of evolution? 121 - 124?
No, no, no. 121 > 122 and stops here. 123 > 124 and the end of evo.
Quote originally posted by zel:
So... Is this just a list or are all these new Pokemon already inserted in the game?
Yes, they are already in the hack. But a lot of them have not set moves, icons and dex entries yet.
Quote originally posted by ChiefsFan:
When you're in that "plane" your Pokemon are level 70. How are they this level as you say you haven't yet got a game?
I was training so hard! Ok, not really. That's just a test, ignore that xd
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