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Originally Posted by SerenadeDS View Post
Hey HackMew! I love your Tools! Top of Line! But I was wondering, have you ever thought about makeing a tool that lets you change the PokeDex Info for FR/LG/E? Its too bad that Dexter is for R/S, and I haven't found another way, excpet maybe Hex....

First of all, thanks ^^
As D-Trogh said some posts above, I've already thought about a Dexter improvement. At the moment I'm fully working on my hack (hopefully it should be released next week) with my team and I have no time to work on programs. But don't worry, you just have to wait ;)
In the meanwhile, you can check the detailed info about the PokéDex I've posted in the Simple Questions thread.
BTW, I've already planned 4/5 new tools (a new script editor included). Don't forget to check the first page frequently as I update my programs often :)
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