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Quote originally posted by - HackMew -:
First of all, thanks
As D-Trogh said some posts above, I've already thought about a Dexter improvement. At the moment I'm fully working on my hack (hopefully it should be released next week) with my team and I have no time to work on programs. But don't worry, you just have to wait
In the meanwhile, you can check the detailed info about the PokéDex I've posted in the Simple Questions thread.
BTW, I've already planned 4/5 new tools (a new script editor included). Don't forget to check the first page frequently as I update my programs often

Yep! Thanks agian. Ah! New Scrpit Editor? As-In one like Advance-Text, or like PokeScript? BTW, Good Luck on your hack! I will keep a look out!

PS - 4/5 New Tools? Hehe, maybe I should put my Hack on hold to see what those are! XD

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