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Kronos1000: Hmmm... Yeah, why not? After all if it was supposed to be in the original, then I guess we could say "we're just finishing up Nintendo's work" XD

lasthand, shadoweevee and SerenadeDS: Don't forget guys Beta6 is not the last Beta. That only reaches up to Mt.Silver (you could say it's the closest to the original's end), but don't forget a Beta7 will include all the mid-game events related to legendaries, and also all the after-Mt.Silver events and locations. So, it's still some time till the game is completed (that's why I left the 2006-2008, if you have noticed )

JoyRide and Kazaam: Your little conversation about another hack doesn't have any purpose here. But, Kazaam, to make tiles, well, I rip them from other games, as you can see. Then, to insert them, I use the "Advance Map method" (Don Patch made a thread with the many methods for inserting tiles, read it and you'll know what I'm talking about)

Well, I'm still around... Uni doesn't want to start (because they are arguing about a wage increase, so we don't have classes yet till they reach an agreement... Life in the third world...), so, meanwhile I keep hacking. I'm gonna start with the Safari Zone today.

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