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Originally Posted by zel View Post
About releasing screenshots, I first want to at least, finish the mapping of the Safari Zone (I got carried away by the events at Fuchsia's Gym, and a little rematch with someone), so I didn't start the remapping there. Guess I'll finish it tomorrow. After finishing that (which finishes Fuchsia), I want to start the implementation of the Phone system, so I can then show you how it'll work. After that, I'll map the Trick House, and with all that I think I have enough to start showing screenshots.
That's how everything is planned. There's many stuff to take care of before starting the next phases, so it'll take some time.
Take all the time you need (just make sure you give us really good screenshots :D)

All of the other ShinyGold banners

I did not make these, but if you want to use them pm me and I'll give you the code.
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