Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Shiny Gold!
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Quote originally posted by garfieldlover94:
It would be very cool if he could do some Editing and add in some D/P Pokemon but that is not very likely
In fact is 0% likely, as he said hundreds of times.

Quote originally posted by lquidfire:
hey zel,ive been playing your game and its wick!but im stuck at the place where you find something in mistys gym and i cant use the walkthrough dirk sent you because i dont have microsoft word... can you help me please!!!
Here you have the answer:

And about the hack: I have been wondering about how will we get the other two starters, since, as we will be able to get all the pokemon, there will be some way to get the two starters we didn't pick at the beginning... Have you already planned something?