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Originally Posted by Yami_Zidane View Post
It doesn't seem like you've been trying to get it for that long DS, I don't know how you have the patience, either way congrats, it does look really cool and I was going to call my Giratina (when I get around to capturing it) Hollow too XD.

Wheelz4speed: Well unfortunately we only count the shinys we capture ourselves here so the unknown would be the only one we acknowledge, if your fine with that, feel free to join.

Well, today I have no plans at all so I'll most likely be playing Diamond all day, taking random breaks of course. I should be getting a new DS by the end of September if all things go to plan, then I can finally play Diamond properly, and chaining will be soooo much easier :]

Good Luck all.
dont worry ill start collecting more

Originally Posted by Shadow Chaos View Post
Dawnfanboy: Congratulations on Magikarp & Starly!

Dark Steelix Lv X: Dude, that rules!! Congratulations on the Giratina!!

Wheelz4speed: A Shiny is still a Shiny! (What would be cool to do with Unown is to spell your name with them in their Shiny forms!!)

I'm having no luck on any of my chains... (I broke my Skitty chain of 30 by being careless... -.-') Oh well, time to give it another go!! Good luck to all!!
yeah now i need a p

is there a easy chain process, or can i just run around?
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