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Well I'll run through them and accumulate the amount of time it would of took to get them.

Chimchar Level 1: Breeding about a month or so of constant breeding.
Drifloon: Level 22: SRing every Friday until it's shiny, only a few people in the club have done that so far, not an easy feat.
Prinplup Level 23: Breeding or SRing at the begining of the game then not evolving it, either way a long time to do it.
Luxio Level 23:Chaining or random encounter, still takes a while
Skorupi Level 26: Random encounter in the Safari Game or breeding, both relatively hard.
Electivire Level 30: Random encounter/chaining again.
Magmortar Level 32: Same as above.
Weavile Level 35: Same as above.
Bronzong Level 38: Same as above.
Darkrai Level 40: Defiantly hacked.
Dialga Level 47: Soft reseting for quite a long time.
Cresselia Level 50: Same as Dialga.
Shaymin Level 50: Defiantly hacked.
Lucario Level 58: Would only be able to get after a long time of hatching eggs.
Heatran Level 70: More Soft reseting
Regigigas Level 70: More Soft reseting
Cresselia Level 100:MORE soft reseting
Togekiss Level 100: Chaining on Route 230
Mismagius Level 100: Eternia forest on PEARL only
Ampharos Level 100: More chaining
Rampardos Level 37: Soft reseting after getting it revived.
Roserade Level 41: Chaining/Random Encounter.
Infernape Level 42: Soft reseting/Breeding.
Empoleon Level 43: Same as above.
Torterra Level 44: Same as above.
Dialga Level 48: More soft reseting.
Garchomp Level 100: Random encounter in wayward cave.
Metagross Level 100: Soft reseting in R/S/E then transferring it over.
Sceptile Level 100: Same as above.

So, you claim to have gotten all of these legitimately on one game from what you say. Well, you managed to get each of the starters shiny, and two of them shiny twice, quite a feat in itself, so I'll ask where you stored them while soft reseting for a new one each time.

Next the string of Level 100 shinys, these things are floating around the GTS all the time, so unless you can give us solid proof you go them, I'm assuming they are hacked.

Regarding the rest, the amount of time it would take to get them all, I don't think you could have done it in the 4/5 months DP has been out, I think forum trading and the GTS played a big part in it.

So this will be the last chance you have to come clean and tell us what you really captured yourself, otherwise I will refuse you entry to the club.
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