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NOTE! If you are a game developer or a ROM hacker looking for sprites, read the license in the link below before you use. If you agree, feel free to use my sprites. Otherwise, just back off.

Well, guys, I figured it's time I redo my first post to include as much of my work as I can find. Some stuff will be new to you, but everything else will be old. I have too much work to display everything at once, so each individual section is hidden in spoiler tags.

Anyway, a little background on why I started doing pixel art. Feel free to skip over it, i just feel like posting this.

When I first laid eyes on Kyledove's tiles (I can't remember exactly when, but it was before 2006), I was envious of his skills. I was also a little disappointed they were out of reach at the time. I also came across a certain Remy with the Pokémon Treasures project. Once again, his tiles were out of reach. Well, at the time that I was making my first fangame that I debuted to the community, I thought of trying to make my own tiles, but didn't think I could do it, so I used FR/LG and R/S/E ones. Then, in mid-2006, I came up with the idea of my Pokémon Wulfenite hack. It was essentially a rescripted and remapped version of Ruby. With the popularity of Pokémon Naranja and its amazing graphics, I decided I was going to insert some of my own tiles. At the time, the only tutorial I could find was the one on WAH, which was completely in Spanish. So, I modified some RPG Maker 2003 tiles and got to work on deciphering the tutorial and inserting them (the hard way). The idea died, because I lost interest in the hack. My next project was another hack, this one was called Pokémon EmberOrange. At first, it was a joint project between Christos (Cirno, now) and I. I made custom graphics and did some mapping, and Christos did some mapping. That's really all we got to do before the hack died. After EmberOrange, I decided I was going to try some bigger forms of pixel art, and a new tileset. That's where the Shuckle art came from. That's also where the unfinished Chao and the 1-Up Shroom came from. After that, I thought about doing EmberOrange again. This time, I was going solo on it. New tiles again, and this time, I was going to resprite all the Pokémon that were going to be included. All I got done was Bellsprout. Inbetween EmberOrange and my next hack, I made a new set of tiles. My next hack was Pokémon Harmony. This hack actually started out as a ROM base I made for PHO. Of course, new tiles and what-not. Well, that hack lasted only for so long. Then I decided to do the Dragon Quest-inspired tileset for a project I was planning called Let It Rain, as well as the tileset that came before that one. Once again, I only got so far on both of them. My biggest project came next, which would be the PHO tileset that spanned one year. At first, it was just a small collection of tiles for the PHO website. Well, I continued this style for a while and it became my biggest tileset ever. After looking at it one day, I decided I didn't really like the style anymore. At that point, I switched to the brighter style. I also started doing tiles for Pokémon Acanthite at that point. This tileset was the first tileset that I would do inddor tiles for. Well, for some odd reason, I decided I would see how they look if they were 32x32 tiles, and not scaled. That led me to create the 32x32 set. That set was also going to be used for an original idea, but it never came through. Well, after giving it some thought, I decided I would ask Kyledove if I could use his newest Johto style. That leads me to the style I have been using. Well, was using. I am not doing tiles anymore, but I am doing bigger pixel projects. Things like the new Shuckle I did.

Anyway, here is my work, divided into sections. I do not claim any rights to anything that I have modified. Like I said, a lot of it is really old.

Pixel Art


Shiny Shuckle (Old Version)


My Old Avatar

Freehand Mario Scene (with mouse)

Beach Scene

Bellsprout (Indexed)

DP Crane

Plumbob Treasure Chest

Shiny Shuckle in Cianwood City

Stupid Drawing of Friend


Fakemon Attempt

Growing Spud on a Plate

Let It Rain Menu

Another Fakemon Attempt




Evil's Minion [WIP]

Chao [WIP]


Willow Village

Route 560

Route 563



Route 562

BloomingBud Town (Reinvisioned, No one allowed to use)

A Hermitage

Oak Spring

East Hickory

Valencia Island

Route A


ThornField City


Route C-6

BriarKnoll Forest

Route C

Route D

Purity Forest

Stark's Pond (Tiles originally made for SSJ4 Cartman, but I didn't like them)

Route 561

PalmBreeze Beach

Unnamed Route

Unnamed Route 2

Another Unnamed Map

Another Unnamed Map 2

Tomato Island

Ironberg City

Route 67

BambooBreeze Town

Haloween Map

Ochre Town 1

Route 70


Lonely House

House Being Built in the Middle of the Path!

Oldale Town

Inside a House

Inside Another House

Route 101

Inside a Third House

Wicked City (WIP)

Route 41, Silverwind Town, and Heisenburg

BrokenBranch town and Route 89

LittlePebble Town

Route 88

Orange Grove

Zephyr City 1

Zephyr City 2

Bayside Crossroad
Small Harbor


Ochre Town 2.1

Route 112

Silvertown, Route 112, and Greenburg

Region Maps

Turra Region Map

Flero Region Map


Tileset 1

Tileset 2

Tileset 3

Tileset 4

Tileset 5

Tileset 6

Tileset 7 (Also credit Kymotonian/Kyledove)

PHO Tileset (Give credit to PHO if used)

GSC Revamp (No credit required)

PROJECT32 Tileset

Mini Tileset 1

Flowers of the Moon Tileset

Dragon Quest Monsters Devamp (No credit required)

Pokémon Platinum Rips (No credit required)

Harmony Tileset

Flowers of the Moon Tileset 2

South Park Tileset

Various Revamps (mostly Zelda) (No credit required)

Scrap Tiles

Pokémon Garden Rips (No credit required)

Final Fantasy Conversions (No credit required)




World Map Tilesets

Region Map Starter Kit

Well, that's most of it. There are some pieces that I purposely left out, and others I just couldn't find.
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