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rapid whalelord:
Wow, hope you got a shiny Bagon by now. ;D If not well I'm sorry. I must be spreading my bad luck around here. D:

Shadow Chaos:
Thanks but I just found it in a box in my Gold (I think a shiny with a story along is better ). But yeah, I wish that they could still turn shiny when transforming. That would make me want to get one in the 3rd/4th gen. :D My swarm was Skitty which is nice and I was doing kinda good until I broke it early like 15... Too busy working on homework today too. I hope you have some better luck with swarming.

Shiny Absol rock and good luck with it. I suggest bring a Rock Climber and going up on that cliff to the right of that route since it's more squarish and was easier to me to chain there... Good luck with Chikorita too since shiny breeding is hard. Well Fufu, I had no problem passing down HP/Def to my Skarmory so um... Yeah... Everybody shiny hunt on Thursday the 13th.
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