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I don't suppose anyone would be able to help me with...

#org $go
trainerbattle 1 0x15F $before $after
boxset 6

#org $before
$before 1 = Hmmmm...\nSo this is Sylvia's house?\pHey! Who are you!?

#org $after
$after 1 = I can't believe I lost to you! Boss\nwon't be happy... I'd better get out\pof here...

This script isn't the problem but I can't seem to change it to my liking.

1) I want the Grunt to say "Hmmmm... So this is Sylvia's house?" without turning to face you
2) I want him to then face you and say "Hey! Who are you!?"
3) I want a battle to start (already in)
4) After defeating the grunt I want him to say "I can't believe I lost to a kid!"
5) After the battle screen exits I want him to say "Arrghh... Boss won't be happy. I'd better get out of here..."
6) I then want the screen to flash and i want the Grunt to be gone. I also want two other Grunts to disappear from another map.

Can anyone help? Foullumps tutorial (nor IrishWitch's) mentions the above! Thanks!
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