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Yeah, I forgot about GIF transparency.
But most people will have switched to IE7, and PNG transparency works there.
GIF's also load faster than most PNG's of the same size do. :D

Hmmm, Lets see, I somehow got the art on (dunno how at the time I didn't know about the 15 post thing), but I do know that this art is 99.9% mine, the 0,1% goes to Nintendo for the frame and trainer card label... ... well and also the layout as I said this was a start for me, I'm NOT an art thief...
Eh, just ignore him. No one believes baseless accusations from people who can't even figure out how to post an image. He won't convince anyone you're a theif, so don't worry about it. ^__^

Attachments don't count posts apparently. Hm... didn't know that.