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Originally Posted by neminoa View Post
do you change the names like RILEAF instead of TREEKO?
What hack tool do you use?
Name Editor or hex, you have 2 ways here.
Originally Posted by Angel Shaymin View Post
Wow! This hack looks awesome! The spriter must be very talented too =)
Guess who is this spriter
Originally Posted by TakTak View Post
Hey! Wingorde and Extreed are so beatiful! I can't wait for full version!
I daj te nowe screeny na polskie forum, Condziu!
xD No dobra, niech stracę xd

Uh, since the last update I haven't made much.
> set pokemon of 1st and 2nd gym leader
> set movesets of 2 pokemon <<" Geez, german names in Amplifier are a bit annoying =="
And a little 'trainer tip' how to defeat GRASS gym leader.
(hah, that's why I chose Griflar <evolved on lv.16> on start)
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