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You know, PC is affiliated with an IRC channel that serves eps. I wouldn't recoment that website because it's got low quality and it....well... 30 hours? your in for a much shorter wait at #Free_pokemon. Go there. If nobody knows jack about how to download stuffs from IRC (or even get in there) I might make a thread with a tutorial or something along those lines.

Oh yea, and I'v been to that site before. Someone on #Free_Pokemon told me that site was affiliated with them too. And last time I checked those eps wern't subbed. But anyway...

Your decompressor thing is your problem. Getting a new player wouldn't help (Unless the codec is packaged with it). If it doesn't work, then you'll need to get the codec for it. I'l try to find which one it is... _ :O! You have got to be idding me.. where did your 30 hours come from!? I just tried to get it. 100MB, and it was going at 350 Kbps. 'was gonna take 5 mins... anyway, it's in plain ol' DivX. I can't believe you DON'T have the codec already. Get it from their webiste and it should work fine

Meh~ I've really found so much better things to do than PC. It's not that I left, I just have better things to do right now and also for the next 8 or so months. I havn't "left" left.. just "kinda" left. I may post once or twice...
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