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Quote originally posted by Grovyle42(Griff4815):
Oh didn't I mention that Alan was a nudist (J/K!) Yeah, that was my fault. You'll see the after effects from the event next chapter (obviously )

Yeah, this will be significant later on. And yes, The two will be meeting later on, other wise that would be a cheap way to get rid of a character


I was worried about using Corphish and Treecko and ____, because I knew that they were both Ash's pokemon in the show. I didn't start watching advanced gen until the middle of the Advanced Battle season, so I wasn't aware of much of a relationship between them. :/ Is the relationship between them friendly or kind of pissed off at each other? Because I'm going for them being pissed off at each other at this point. I didn't even watch "Tree's a Crowd" yet (Le gasp! Don't shoot me during one of our Treecko club meetings, please )
...Ash's Pokemon, and every other Pokemon that belongs to a trainer for that matter, is like a robot. They have no personality whatsoever. THEY ARE ROBOTS TRYING TO TAKE OVER YOUR FRIDGE! Seriously, the only ones I've seen with a personality besides the "omg i love everybody and everything and i always want to make things right!!" is Charizard and Sceptile. I may have forgotten one or two, but for the most part, everyone else is the same.

Just wanted to make that comment. Anyway, I'm waiting for the awesome chapter I beta'd'd'd'd.
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