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Warnings: Blood, gore, violence, innuendos, psychological disorders, drugs, death, questionable politics... Um... At least we don't do explicit sex.

Author's Note: The following is the second version of this fanfiction (which is still there for the sake of comparison). Quite a number of things have changed. Quite a number of other things have stayed the same. Characters have been dropped, added, put in the spotlight, et cetera. Also, it now has an actual intentional theme, and it's told in the straight third person, rather than the objective first that's vaguely touched upon in the prologue. Names have been changed, passages have been changed, others have stayed the same. Anyway, you get the idea.

One chapter will be up every week until I finish the chapter I'm working on now. Then we can be back to the schedule of "I'll post one when I feel like it."


Prologue: Soliloquy

A spotlight shines on an empty stage, in upstage center. For a long moment, the air is chill and silent. Then, quietly at first, the sound of shoes falling on wood floors breaks the stillness. A young man, dressed in black over his pallid skin, emerges from behind the red velvet curtains on the left edge of the stage. His dark eyes scans the audience, a sea of empty, red chairs and nearly as empty aisles. Smiling to the single viewer standing next to the front row, he takes his position directly beneath the spotlight.

His eyes remain on that single viewer as he inhales a deep breath and begins.

"All the world's a stage."

In a similar fashion, months earlier, when the snow still collected at the edges of each street in masses of gray and brown, a dark-skinned man in a suit mounted a platform just beyond the steps of a city hall. He approached the podium as his near-black eyes fell on the crowds and cameras staring in an anxious hush. As soon as he stopped just behind the podium, he curled his gloved hands around its edges, cleared his throat, and leaned towards the microphone attached to the corner.

"Ladies and gentlemen, people of Verona City," he said in a low, booming voice, "I am pleased to announce a momentous occasion: one that I hope will unite our citizens in a celebration of sportsmanship. I present to you the Midsummer Game!"

"And all the men and women, its players."

Months later, a young woman cautiously entered a dilapidated warehouse. She looks at the ceiling tiles (or, in some spots, the lack thereof) as she moves forward. Her small feet navigated around the broken pieces that have already fallen on piles of scrap metal and wire.

"They have their entrances…"

Stopping at a particular pile, the woman pulled a device out of her pocket and quickly examined the glowing screen. Satisfied, she put the device back into her pocket and knelt on the dirty tiled floor to dig through the pile of debris.

Behind her, a shadow moved.

"…And their exits…"

The woman's fingers pulled from the rubble a silver key. Before she could properly examine it, however, a white needle pierced the back of her skull, penetrated the slippery membrane surrounding her brain, and firmly planted itself in a fleshy lobe. With eyes that were wide but unseeing, she pitched forward. Her face buried itself in the garbage heap in front of her as blood spurted from the blood vessels lacing her head and into the cold, open air. She failed to feel it.

A spider and another woman approached her body. The human knelt, her black hair falling to form a curtain hiding her childlike smile as she picked the key out of the corpse's still-warm hand.

"…And one man in his time plays many parts."

The actor stops and gazes into the nearly empty seating area. His coy smirk lingers as he stares at the woman in the aisle.

"How many parts will you play in this act, I wonder?" he says.

The house lights flash on, and at last, he can see the face of a woman who could be his twin. Her blue eyes stare blankly at him. Gradually, her lips part, and her skin pales.

His smile grows.
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