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Aw, fk. I noticed more mistakes as I was reading again. BLAH! Oh well. They're minor ones.

Anyway, I really like this chapter. I'm glad to see to added things I suggested, too.

When I was betaing (that's not even a word) this, I thought that Taillow's buddies would come in and save the day, followed by a sad good-bye. Ha. Well, I was surprised, and what you did was better and included character development, so kudos to you.

Question: Is Jeff's pokemon team going to consist entirely of boys? XD All three of them are so far, I believe, unless I'm an idiot and missed something.

I'm also interested to hear more about this Chad guy, and why Treecko/Corphish won't give their names out to Jeff. c:

Keep it up!
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