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Originally Posted by Krobelus View Post
Hmmmm this 'looks good, but there have been so many that 'look' good. Any particular reason why we should keep our eye on this one? And some of those features, they are in most other fan made Pokemon games, what about features like.. New Pokedex, or, More than 20 starters, you know? Otherwise it's really... simple. Not much attracts me to this game except the mapping, which is really good in my opinion.

Good luck
do you mean a choice of 20 starters at the very beginning? cos there will be a choice of about 15 throughout the game.and if by new pokedex you mean new style mabye if you mean new pokemon then more than likely no (although if more happen to come out before i finish i would add them) other features i might try to add although my scriping skill is practicaly zero(the basis for the scripts like i said will be demonfires starter kit) and other features may be included as i get further into designing it(i am kinda making it up as i go along but if it works , although it makes it easy to include features as i think of them, or as they're suggested)
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