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Originally Posted by Pokfan Kwesi
Lol, I was about to say somthing like"
I hate sites like those dude... Unless your virus program informed you of the "Trojan " I wouldn't worry about it. Esepecially if you were informed in a popup window! It was mostlikely an advertisement built to scare you into buying some "corney" antivirus package.

But that was before i read that your AntiVirus program did inform you.. lol.. hehe silly me. If that's the case, you did the right thing. "Trojans" can be very serious and should be removed when detected. Your antivirus program should be able to remove it for you but just incase i suggest visiting the progam's official site to get the latest updates. If you have somthing like norton, you should be able to download a program that will update you completly or have norton update itself automaticly
My anti-virus program is McAfee not Norton...But a virus scan or something would help, wouldn't it? *is confused..* ._.;;
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