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I like so many non-main characters: Butz, maybe Miss May, Penny, Cody, maybe Oldbag, Will Powers, maybe Yanni Yogi, Angel Starr, Marshall, Meekins, Maggey, maybe Wellington, Ini Miney, Trilo, Moe, Acro, Adrian Andrews, and maybe de Killer. And Gumshoe if he doesn't count as a main character (I think he does, though). Oh, and the Judge. He's funny.
About Gant:
I somehow noticed that Gant kind of has manboobs.

Favorite characters in T & T:
Atmey, Ron, Desiree, Godot, Violetta, Victor, maybe Lisa, maybe Furio, Diego, Valerie, and Bikini.

My most hated character is from T & T:
the first guilty person.

Yeah, I like too much...
my pokémonic deviantArt
by Mukyaa of DeviantArt

while keeping perfect time
you’ll bag up these hearts of mine
with your rhythmic shaking motion
let’s mix up more of our love potion

Water Safari: Octillery, Gyarados, Poliwhirl
Searching for Minccino, Gastrodon, Liepard, and Braixen safaris