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Quote originally posted by jr.hacker:
the pages havent loaded for me but i have used advance map and that is primo anyway you have top of the line tools HackMew
Thx :)

Quote originally posted by Kike-Scott:
Ummm, great tools HackMew!
Everything here it's great. I'm wondering if it's possible you do a "Tiling Program" Somehting that gives you a tileset like AdvanceMap (ordered). But it saves in the Unlz format, not like AdvanceMap (Uncompressed). Gives you the chance to export an indexed image and allows you change the palletes also. It will be great!
I'm glad to see you like 'em :D
Uhm, regarding the Tiling program I cannot give you a final answer since I would have to know some things that are kinda "uknown" for me. But yeah, if you want to provide your help just tell me ;)

Quote originally posted by bull_44:
thats a good tool nice one :):):):):):)
Well, it isn't only one tool! XD
Or are you just talking about something in particular?

Quote originally posted by psyduck6199:
thanks a lot for these hack tools. i was searching for them
You're welcome ;)

Hey, everyone! Today is... UPDATE TIME!
Therefore, I'm proud to announce my 2nd Big Update :)
For any further details, check the first post as always.

Oh, by the way, since I've planned some new tools I was wondering if it would be a good idea to make a sort of poll in order to release the most wanted tool. Drop me a line with your opinions if you want. Thanks in advance.
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