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Originally Posted by wolfie1177 View Post
Lol, manboobs...

But yeah, I hated Gant with a passion, it was so damn annoying getting him to talk. And I subsequently didn't like Engarde either, because he took the upper hand and made it so you couldn't get the job done without it being realllly complicated. But those kind of guys are what makes the game fun, because it gives you a bigger challenge than just figuring out how something happened.

Oh and Marshall was one of my favorites, I couldn't help but chuckle every time he did the beard shaving thing. I can't put my finger on it, but that just always struck me funny.

And yeah, where be Vavavoom? Wtf I post in his club al the time!!!
i hated gant too. one of my least faves by far. yesh, cedrik needs to post here a lil more...

ugh. earlier i was on a phoenix wright fansite reading about various characters, and i came across a couple spoilers >< i hate spoilers...
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