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Quote originally posted by Ryouki:
yey! after days and days of my annoyingness of forcing you to make a ueki FC, It fionally Come true!
Anyways I'll join and Be Co Owner!
Ah yes, it's a dream come true for you xD

Well, I made you co-owner before you posted, so... O_o
Quote originally posted by DarkArcz:
Saw the anime on Animax ages ago, not bad, I thought, though I din't fancy the dubbing much. Anyway, I'd like to join.
Really? I thought that the dub was okay, actually... Compared to some other dubbed anime I've seen. Welcome to the club, anyway~

Quote originally posted by Mudkipblader:
I'd like to join too. =D
At first I thougth the anime was crazy, turned out to be good. =)
I liked Tenko, the Heavenly beast best. He was damn cute. =)
It's because of the craziness that I got hooked into the anime xD Tenko's cute... Although he's not my favourite character xP

Hmm... Shall we start a topic? Let's see... How about favourite power? Cause favourite character just seems too cliché.
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