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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
Nice. Take your time, thethethethe.

Don't rush over things. We can have time, right..?

Oh well.., keep it up and wishing for the best!
Don't worry, I'm taking my time with this.
Originally Posted by zel View Post
So, a new palette and a legendary waiting for us for the next release? Interesting! (Chances of spoiling which? XD)

(Nice palette, by the way, it goes a bit to the "shiny" scale, but since it's not that "shiny" (I mean, bright), it's ok to be played at)

Keep it up!
Well the new pallete is at least not as bright as the orginal FR one.

Well, I'll show some screenshots like I promised. They're of the room in which these events will occur. I think I should also thank Dabomstew for helping me with the multi command. And of course I'm not going to show you how to get it. I'll try and get more screenshots of this event later. Maybe reveal the legendary