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Originally Posted by STM
I know how to edit base stats, what I want to do is make an attack that doesn't have an effect that any other attack has, ex: I wanna change Psych Up's EFFECT not Psych Up to something COMPLETELY different, I don't want it to copy stat changes, instead I want it to Sharply Increase Speed, Accuracy and Evasion, your prolly wondering why I want Psych Up to have that effect, simply cause I'm turning Psych Up into a completely different attack, I've fixed the battle animation now I need to fix the effect, and where can I get a free hex editor anyway?
Ok, well in hex just search for the attack number, what effect the attack does, type of attack, how much power the attack does and for the amount of PP, sorry for the misunderstanding back there. Most Hex Editors are free, just have a search on google.

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