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Hi Carlos, it has been a long time since I came to this thread last time. Mainly because I have many things to do :D

Anyways, I am here to offer you help when making rado system. I did a base of the so-called radio system in Semele's hack Liquid Ocean, but I didn't finish it as we split up and each one have project to do (no one knows about mine because I still didn't post it here).

About the system: I was planning to connect all the radios with a bunch of flags and using a few practically similar scripts and just cycling the programmes on air, maybe adding some special ones when doing some task, giving some hints depending on the flag activated in the script of the task and so on. If you want, feel free to tell me. I am really happy that you are making this progresss

I have a n00b-type question: Will you put any G/S beta maps into SG? As you said it doesn't have to be exact copy of G/S/C, maybe some beta maps might be revamped and some events added, and the places will open after beating E4 or so... But I think the answer will be no :D

(For everyone loving GSC beta maps wait for my new project which will include FR revamps of GSC beta maps :D No offense to this hack, really)

Anyways, good luck and see ya!


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