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im not sure if this is the place to put this but,
i just wanted to know if this is normal for pokescript
when i click compile,i get
file not found or user canceled.
when i look at the log it shows
#PROCESS: test.rbc F:2 for input
#OFFSET: 0, 0
Invalid Command : Lock
Invalid Command : Faceplayer
Invalid Command : message
#INLINE: 0, 1
9: Encoding text: I'm not made of cookies!\lYou only get one.
Invalid Command : boxset
Invalid Command : release
Invalid Command : end
\- Processed 0 Lines
#PROCESS: H:\Documents and Settings\leo jayr malaya\Desktop\Ragnarok Stuff\Scripts\test.buf F:2 for write
DROPPING 0 Pointers
DROPPING 1 Offsetts
$ShowText at buffer 0 position 0 
DROPPING 1 Offsetts
$nocookie at buffer 1 position 0 
BUFFER 0 DROP: 55 [Lock Faceplayer message $NoCookie boxset 6 release end ]
BUFFER 1 DROP: 510 [' o aeo oke!lo nygtoe
\- Processed 16 Buffers
\- Processed 0 Lines
\- Processed 0 Lines
im not sure if that's normal since i see invalid command lock and so on
if its something to do with pkmn advance thing that i also needed to download, is it supposed to be in a specific folder?
(yeah i kno its pretty long)

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