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Quote originally posted by maggi90w1:

We have a problem with our script. Can someone tell us what is wrong with it?

#org $Startscript
checkflag 0x200
if B_true goto $done
message $aidtalk
boxset 6
giveitem 0x1 3
setflag 0x200

#org $done
message $aidtalk2
boxset 6

#org $aidtalk
$aidtalk 1 = Oh hey \v\h01! It looks like all the \pothers dissappeared.\pVery strange...\p Anyway, I found these in \pthe basement.\pYou can have them.

#org $aidtalk2
$aidtalk2 1 = We should search for them,\pdon't you think?

Try it now. It should work, and '\p' is not the only next box command.

@Cronos: I'm Guessing you used D-trough's tutorial from youtube, you should ask him.

@light Trainer: You Just increse the number then click change events. But you have to be in the Events Tab, and it should be on the right hand side.