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Martin Yiu
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Quote originally posted by Celebi_XD:
How do i create an IPS patch....
please, really need to know
You use program Lips which comes with EliteMap. You need trwo ROMs, one clean, unmodified and the edited one. So, when you open it, it should ask you what do you want to do. Choose "Create IPS patch". Then, a dialog box will appear. Navigate to clean ROM, choose it and press Enter. Then, navigate to your edited ROM and again, do as before. OR just click the Open button. Then, a box saying that IPS Patch was successfully created, and there you are, clean nice patch, ready for distribution.

Quote originally posted by SceptileHero:
I double clicked on Dexter and AVG anti-virus detected a Trojan Horse PSW.Generic4.MNS.
Can someone please upload a working Dexter onto Megaupload or something and send me a PM with the link.
If this wasn't the right section to ask please re-direct me.
I've heard that Dexter has it inside originally, but I'm not sure. HackMew is working on a Pokédex editor, you should wait for it. It would be safer.