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"If I die, I imagine I won't get the chance to." Reece replied to the younger male's remark, seemingly taking the hostility in good humor, though his grin may well have been fostered by Mistral's little trick, "But as long as it's for a noble cause it's all good. Better to die standing than live on your knees, I say."

Even Faewyn couldn't help a guilty little giggle at the change in Reid's tone, though she soon silenced it so as to not come off as rude. Besides, Reid's next request was serious, and the girl certainly didn't fail to spot the sentiment behind it. It was obviously taking a great deal of trust on Reid's part to give such a big role to someone else in a matter that was so important to him, and trust wasn't something the boy seemed to fond of giving, "Leave it to me." Faewyn replied, nodding confidently, "After all...I'm getting quite used to being a guide. Oh, and you might want to pack something warm." she addressed the last remark to the group in general, "The country is...pretty high up in the air, even by our standards, so it might get a little chilly. And the maps!" she added spontaneously, tilting her head, "It's preparing time now, right? I think I've got some maps and stuff here, but I need some time to find them."

"Guess I'll hit the practice field in the meantime, then." Reece remarked, "That's my kind of preparation. If you need me, you know where to find me." he waved a farewell to the group before proceeding to wander down the hall, glaive in tow.

"I guess I'll go search through my notes." Faewyn announced, "Let's meet up here tomorrow morning, okay?" with that and a quick wave of farewell, she darted off in her own direction. This was an important mission, after all, and every detail had to be considered.


Despite the rather...unexpected contents of the newly arrived order, Velin didn't seem to display the least bit of interest in the messenger's news, his light blue eyes merely staring indifferently at the man, although he eventually reached out his hand in a slightly reluctant manner and accepted the piece of paper. This man reeked of fear, and it was taking some self-restraint from the first apostle's part not to lunge at his throat for it. Of all human emotions, fear was the one he disliked the most.

"Try a 's-s-sir' or two next time." he remarked impassively as the messenger made a hasty departure, duly reading through the document, as if he didn't notice the three puppy-dog eyes staring him down oh-so-endearingly. This was an unexpected turn of events; oh, he had seen a mission coming, but one requesting not only himself but also his best apostles? Velin's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, whatever these strangers had done they certainly seemed to have the high and mighty priests of Thylonstus shaking in their little ceremonial robes...yes, this was worth investigating. Besides, an order was an order.

"If I said 'no'..." the first apostle began, his eyes still focused on the paper, "...would I ever get to hear the end of it? No, don't answer that." he added, a tiny hint of teal in his hair betraying light amusement as he slowly rose to his feet, brushing off the dirt from his clothes and meeting his juniors' expectant gazes, "Third apostle Kira Zeybal, fourth apostle Kyra Zeybal, you are hereby officially assigned to work with me on this mission. Carry out your orders swiftly and efficiently and there shall be no complications. Departure will occur as soon as the team has been assembled." it was his standard speech upon assigning a mission, so every apostle save Villa already knew it by heart, but Velin supposed that some conventions had to be followed, "Has the fifth returned yet?" he inquired, pausing by the exit of the strategy room, "The failures are more trouble than they're worth, and I dislike the idea of leaving them and the sacrifice here unsupervised."
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